Word definition


Definition :Switches work as a controller that connects computers, printers, and other hardware devices to a network in a campus or a building. It allows devices on your network to communicate with each other, as well as with other networks. It helps you to share resources and reduce the cost of any organization.

IP address

Definition : IP addresses are 32 bits

OSI Model

Definition :7 Layers


Definition :Routers help you to connect with multiple networks. It enables you to share a single internet connection with multiple devices and saves money. This networking component acts as a dispatcher, which allows you to analyze data sent across a network. It automatically selects the best route for data to travel and send it on its way.


Definition :Servers are computers that hold shared programs, files, and the network operating system. Servers allow access to network resources to all the users of the network.


Definition :Clients are computer devices which access and uses the network as well as shares network resources. They are also users of the network, as they can send and receive requests from the server.

Transmission Media

Definition :Transmission media is a carrier used to interconnect computers in a network, such as coaxial cable, twisted-pair wire, and optical fiber cable. It is also known as links, channels, or lines.

Access points

Definition :Access points allow devices to connect to the wireless network without cables. A wireless network allows you to bring new devices and provides flexible support to mobile users.

Shared Data

Definition :Shared data are data which is shared between the clients such as data files, printer access programs, and email.

Network Interface Card

Definition :Network Interface card sends, receives data, and controls data flow between the computer and the network.

Local Operating System

Definition :A local OS which helps personal computers to access files, print to a local printer and uses one or more disk and CD drives which are located on the computer.

Network Operating System

Definition :The network operating system is a program which runs on computers and servers. It allows the computers to communicate via network.


Definition :A protocol is the set of defined rules that allows two entities to communicate across the network. Some standard protocols used for this purpose are IP, TCP, UDP, FTP, etc.